Disposable face mask pieces machine
Product Description

ML-2216 Disposable face mask pieces machine

Jiangsu Maolong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd has newly developed fully automation and high speed production line for the flat mask with ribbon. It includes with auto material feeding, auto conveying, cutting the nose strip system, edge welding, folding, ultrasonic wave fusion, forming, cutting etc. It can finish all the processing from material to the final mask.

This production line consists of one main machine and one ear ribbon machine. The main machine outputs the mask material, and the material will be conveyed to turnover mechanism. Then to the conveyor belt connecting the ear ribbon. Then the masks will be conveyed to above the first mask tray of the front of the ear ribbon machine. Finally the masks are put onto the mask tray by cylinder’s down-pressing.Then the ear ribbon machine will weld, seal for edge etc. Then it finishes the whole processing for the mask with ear ribbon.

This production line is mainly used for the auto forming for flat style mask. The full roll of the material will be driven by the trolley wheel. The material will be folded and sealed. The nose strip will be towed forward, and then it will be cut with the set length and introduced to the fabric sealed, and then it is welded and sealed by ultrasonic wave machine. Its side will then be sealed also by ultrasonic wave machine. Then it is cut by the cut knife for forming. Then it is conveyed to two workstations for ribbon ultrasonic wave welding and forming finally. After being finished, it will be conveyed to the flat belt for collecting.

Production Line Characteristics

1Full automation for whole machine

2High stability, low failure, nice look, strong and rust free

3PLC programming controlling, server motor driving, high automation

4To control material by auto tension device to ensure the the tension balance

5To avoid wasting by photoelectric detection (optical fiber) for material

Machine Characteristics

1To control material by auto tension device to ensure the the tension balance

2To avoid wasting with photoelectric detection for material

3Can produce upto 4-layer mask, and the conveying belt length for finished products upto 1200mm

4The machine has the function for counting of total quantity and batch quantity. You can set the batch quantity freely.

5You can produce the mask of different size and style if the different mold is applied.

6The whole machine is made of aluminium alloy structure, and it is nice look, strong and rust free.

These parts can be customized: folding part, the welding of mask fabric itself, 1-4 layers (activated carbon materials can be added in the middle)

Technical parameters:

1Machine ModelML-2216


3Colourinternational code RAL9003, follow this standard if no special instruction

4Weight≤1500kgground bearing capacity≤300KG/m2

5Power supplyequipment 220VAC±5﹪,50HZrated power appr 9KWrated power

6Compressed air0.50.7 MPausage flow appr 300L/min

7Application environmenttemperature1035℃humidity 5-35%HRno flammable,no corrosive gas, dust free (no less than 100,000 Class Clean)

8Production efficiency90-100PCS/MIN

9Qualified rate of equipment production99%except that the material can not reach the standard or the worker’s improper operation

10Equipment failure rate2% (refer to the equipment itself’s failure)

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