District leaders visited and instructed our company to inspect the work
On the morning of September 6, 2018, the deputy head of Yandu District visited Yancheng Tradelong Machinery. The chairman of the company, Shao Kede, and the staff of the company's general managerial office gave a warm hospitality and went deep into the production workshop and various departments to inspect each. Work, detailed inspection of the company's personnel management, safety production, product quality and workflow.
The leaders first came to the trade office area of the trade and learned about the company's development process, management system and future development plan. The deputy head of the department pointed out some suggestions and opinions. I hope that the company will be further improved in the future development. Then, under the leadership of the staff, they came to our production workshop for inspection. The staff explained the production and assembly machine flow of the whole production line to the leaders, and gave great praise to the whole process of the production process.
Before the end of the inspection, the deputy mayor had a detailed understanding of the project progress, project quality control, and schedule of the company's projects, and exchanged views with the company's chairman Shao Kede. It is hoped that Trade Long Machinery will continue to enhance its comprehensive strength, improve its position in the industry, and make greater contributions to promoting regional economic development and machinery manufacturing.
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