Hydraulic Cutting Press 30T
  • Technical Parameter

Mechanical Capacity:

1.The automatic balancing mechanism of double oil cylinder and precise four-column double connection rod ensures that the cutting depth precision at each cutting position is 0.02mm.

2.When it is pressed downwards, the cutting head will automatically slow down before it is 10mm away from the cutter so that there is no dimension error between uppermost layer and lowermost layer when cutting materials of multiple layers.

3.The accurate cutting balance can greatly reduce the wearing of die cutter and cutting board. The effect is better during the cutting of the edges and the wearing of the cutting board can be reduced.

4. The special mold setting mechanism makes the travel adjustment simple and accurate in conjunction with die cutter and cutting depth.

5. The central automatic lubricating system is provided to guarantee machine precision and prolong service life of the machine.

Max. Cutting Pressure


Stroke adjustment

5- 150mm

Size of Worktable


Length × Width × Height


Travel Head Size


Motor Power


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