ML-2516 Auto High Speed Digital Cutting Machine
  • ML-2516

ML-2516 Auto High Speed Digital Cutting Machine

The high speed digital cutting system can be used for the material of single layer (small amount of multiple layers). It can provide full cutting,marking etc process, which is widely applied for automotive, advertising, apparel, home textile and composite material areas. The characteristic of this model are accuracy, flexibility and efficiency. It is the best option for the automatic production in many industries.

1.Composite material: The traditional processing of manual drawing and cutting are being replaced by ML cutting machine. Especially for making the samples for the abnormal and irregular shape and other complicated shapes. It can dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy.

2.Textile and Apparel: ML cutting machine can provide the whole customized solution for the top brand apparel.

3.Home textile: ML cutting machine provides the complete customized solution for the home textile industry. It can not only improve the optimization of the material, and work efficiently, but also upgrade product quality to save material and ensure high quality.

4.Sealing Machine:ML cutting machine are mainly used for sealing gasket of the non metal composite material. ML cutting machine is mainly used for the hydraulic sealing, flange, rubber, plastic, porcelain, graphite, rubber-asbestos board, aerogel felt polyurethane. It can be used for the high quality sealing products of any section and size. The customer can take the machine anytime, which can save time and outsourcing charge. It can be widely used for the hydraulic pneumatic equipment of automotive, mine bracket, engineering machine, which demand strict requirement for sealing.

5.Automotive interiors: According to the different requirements and materials of automotive interiors industry, ML cutting machine can provide full solution for them. The products include all mats, coil mats, seat cover and other soft materials.

6.Advertising & Packaging:  ML cutting machine provides total solution for advertising industry, especially for the PP paper, KT board, PVC expansion sheet, self-adhesive, corrugated paper and  honeycomb paperboard etc. It can also be equipped with high speed milling cutter for the hard material of acrylic and aluminium-plastic composite panel etc. After being equipped with auto feeding system, it can automatically make production full day.

7.Other Industries: ML cutting machine widely provides professional and reliable integration solution for the non-metal industry globally, such as shoe making, luggage, inflatable products, sports goods, toys, wind power and medical item etc.

Detailed Description
  • 1.Multiple cutting tools
    According to different industries, it can be freely equipped with machine head and punching head, be flexible response to new production and processing requirements.
  • 2.Pneumatic double hole-punching head
    High speed hole-punching, 3 pieces / sec, punching force increased by 50%, edge cleaning device can be added.
  • 3.Smart conveying belt
    Cutting and collecting of finished products at the same time to save the man power and the increase the efficiency, ensuring the maximum the output.
Detailed Description
  • 4.Flat working surface
    The working table is made of imported aluminum honeycomb panel, so the the surface is flatter and stabler.
  • 5.Maolong movement control system
    To ensure the processing more fluently, making the edge curve nicer.
  • 6.Maolong super auto nesting system
    Can input the width and the shape values etc freely, then the the most optimized nesting drawing will be anatomically shown.
Detailed Description
  • 7.Maolong safety device can be added
    The safety device can greatly protect the operator under the high speed running. The infrared auto sensor can effectively avoid the waste of material.
  • 8.Maolong auto CCD system
    The High Definition CCD camera can realize the accurate positioning for all material, auto nesting cutting to solve the problem of difficult positioning by worker, and wrong printing shape. So, we can finish the work easily and accurately.
  • Technical parameters

Machine characteristic: Offline operation, fast and continuous cutting, 24h running.

Cutting knife:

①electric vibrating knife

②electric high speed round knife

③pneumatic vibration knife

Transmission Mode: imported linear guide, synchronous belt, imported servo motor.
Operation Environment:Temperature: 0℃-40℃ Humidity: 20%-80%RH.
Cutting Area (L X W):2500*1600mm
Machine Dimension:3500*2300*1200mm
Customized Length:800-5000mm
Customized Width:800-5000mm
Max Speed:6000mm/s(Reference value, different material is not the same)
Max Thickness:50mmReference value, different material is not the same
File Format:DXF  HPGL
Interface: Serial Ports
Media: Vacuum:Air Pump
Electric Supply:220V 60HZ  /380V 50HZ
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