Wang dan, secretary general of china light industry machinery association, came to our company for guidance.
Recently, Wang Dan, Secretary General of China Light Industry Machinery Association, and General Manager Wu Sheng of Jiangsu Light Industry Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. visited our factory for guidance. Mr. Shao Kede, the general manager, extended a warm welcome to the leaders and entrepreneurs who visited, and accompanied them to visit the factory building, hardware workshop, finishing workshop, assembly workshop, finished product warehouse and other places. Introduced the company's recent development and future development direction.
After the expedition, Secretary-General Wang Dan spoke highly of the recent development of our company, fully affirmed the important position of our company in the industry, and proposed that the company should adhere to the road of scientific and technological innovation and strengthen the international trade to achieve China's light. The machinery is well-known for its global goal, for China, to add glory to Jiangsu!
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